We provide customized and innovative solutions to our clients so as to help them achieve their business goals. We specialize in several areas.


In a highly competitive industry, Stratega has helped several companies achieve operational excellence and improve their performance.

One of the main challenges faced by Stratega has been change management, particularly during digital transformation processes.

With deep industry knowledge, we help companies implement innovative solutions and improve their efficiency.


Glass and Construction Materials production require complex management of production processes and constant attention to occupational safety.

Stratega has successfully addressed several challenges in this industry, including reducing production costs, managing environmental risks, and training personnel.

With our experience and knowledge, we have helped companies improve their competitiveness and achieve standards of excellence in production.


In the food & beverage industry, the main challenges are in the area of operational efficiency and a and managing high product quality.

Among the main challenges faced by Stratega in this area are reducing production costs, optimizing production processes, and managing the supply chain. 

With our holistic perspective, we help companies improve their overall performance and achieve levels of excellence.


Risk Management, Optimization of Production Processes, and Continuous Staff Training to ensure companies in the industry achieve top performance.

Stratega has successfully addressed several challenges, including risk management, production process optimization, and staff training.

With our deep industry knowledge and the experience of our consultants, we have helped companies improve their operational efficiency and achieve levels of manufacturing excellence.


The chemical industry presents several challenges, including complex regulation, continuous technological innovation, managing safety and environmental risks, global competitiveness, and the need to become more sustainable.

Through our experience, we have helped our clients navigate these challenges through regulatory interpretation, technological innovation, risk management, improved competitiveness, and the adoption of sustainable production practices.


In an environment of continuous advancement, the service industry is increasingly competitive and needs high standards and solid processes to ensure growth and profits.

Stratega’s work alongside these companies has ensured their soundness and the development of reliable processes that can provide a concrete distinguishing factor against the competition. As a result, all KPIs have increased and ROI has been record-breaking on every project.


The industry faces daily challenges such as changing consumer preferences, competition, supply chain disruptions, rising costs, regulations, and technology’s impact.

Despite the extreme variety of challenges faced by the industry, a common goal of all Stratega’s projects has been to enhance the agility and resilience of all our clients in the FMCG sector.


The energy sector faces daily challenges such as changing government policies, competition, supply chain disruptions, rising costs, regulations, and the impact of new technologies. 

 With careful planning and execution,  energy companies can position themselves to thrive in the years to come. That’s why Stratega has dedicated many resources to deepen its understanding of the field and has already proven itself.


The medical and health industry face challenges such as changing patient needs, competition, supply chain disruptions, rising costs, regulations, and technology’s impact, which must be faced effectively in order to remain successful.


Few industries have higher standards and tighter margins than the medical and health sector. For this reason we’ve focused on creating effective and specific frameworks by which we’re able to deliver long-lasting results.


The manufacturing industry is constantly facing a great deal of challenges, which companies must manage and overcome to remain competitive and profitable. 

Our unique approach allows us to personalize each project, ensuring that we meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Stratega took part in the consultancy activities for a French newsprint paper manufacturer facing increased demand and operational uncertainties leading to potential losses and inefficiencies. Within a tight timeframe of less than a week, Stratega identified four key areas for improvement. As a result, the printing house achieved a remarkable 20% reduction in operational costs through improved efficiency and supply management.

This article discusses strategies to reduce manufacturing costs, including process optimization, efficiency improvement, and materials and services research.

Risk is inherently unpredictable; the ability of the risk manager is demonstrated through the creation of potential solutions capable of keeping the achievement of the set goal intact.

Empowering others by delegating what another person can best perform by virtue of his or her own abilities, communicating effectively, and making complex decisions.

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