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Risk Management, Optimization of Production Processes, and Continuous Staff Training to ensure companies in the industry achieve top performance.


The Mining & Metal sector is a vital industry that is responsible for the extraction and production of many important materials that drive global economic growth. However, like any other industry, it is facing several key trends and challenges that are shaping its future course of action.

One of the most significant trends in the Mining & Metal sector is technology disruption. The industry is experiencing a significant shift towards automation and digitization, which is transforming the way mining and metal production happens. The use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is allowing companies to optimize their operations, improve their efficiency and reduce costs, and mitigate risks. However, this increasing reliance on technology comes with its challenges, including the need for upskilling the workforce and securing against cyber threats.

Another trend impacting the Mining & Metal sector is the growing focus on sustainability. Environmental and social concerns are now at the forefront of the industry, and companies are working to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve water, and minimize waste. This shift towards sustainability is not only driven by ethical considerations but also by regulatory requirements and changing customer preferences.

The Mining & Metal sector also faces several challenges, including volatile commodity prices, geopolitical risks, and resource nationalism. These factors often impact the industry’s profitability and make it difficult for companies to make long-term investments in innovation and growth. Additionally, the industry’s labor-intensive nature and the remote locations of many of its operations create significant logistical and operational challenges.

At Stratega Consulting, we understand the challenges that Mining & Metal companies face and have worked alongside several companies to customize projects that address their unique needs. Our expertise in strategy development, operational improvement, and digital transformation help our clients to achieve industry-leading performance improvement and ROI. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify opportunities for growth, overcome operational challenges, and implement innovative solutions that create value for their stakeholders.

Risk is inherently unpredictable; the ability of the risk manager is demonstrated through the creation of potential solutions capable of keeping the achievement of the set goal intact.

Empowering others by delegating what another person can best perform by virtue of his or her own abilities, communicating effectively, and making complex decisions.

Leadership is the ability to lead a given group of people toward a goal; the characteristics that are identified in leadership are communication and motivational skills. A leader's strength is directly proportional to his or her ability to best manage the team he or she chooses to form.

The implementation of the Operational Excellence methodology led to a 30% increase in NOP (from -10% to +20%) and a significant improvement in market share due to better plant utilization and improved business profitability. The results were confirmed in the years following Stratega's intervention. The work done has created a solid foundation of processes and technologies, durable and with great future potential.

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