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An organization’s success is linked to the implementation of clear business strategies with measurable and easily shared goals.


In today’s business environment, strategy is more important than ever. Organizations are truly successful when every employee makes the right decisions and takes meaningful action in daily activities.

Three factors are critical to doing this, and we place them rigorously at the heart of all our planning activities:

  1. Data: all successful strategies are based on data that are reliable, statistically relevant, and obtained while trying to minimize bias and prejudice.
  2. Involvement: it is critical that all stakeholders involved in the execution are called in during the planning phase as well, to nurture a sense of ownership of the project and lay the groundwork for a successful implementation
  3. Experience: data and people involved come together with the proven experience of our consultants to generate applicable insights.


~30 days



It is very common to hear of companies and organizations that have tried to pursue strategic planning processes without success.

The causes of failure are almost always attributable to one, or more, of the following obstacles:

  • 95% of typical workers do not understand strategy: Knowledge Obstacle
  • 60% of organizations do not link budget to strategy – Budget Obstacle
  • 85% of managers spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy – Management Obstacle
  • 70% of organizations do not integrate middle management incentives with strategy – Incentive Obstacle

The biggest challenge is to link day-to-day management with strategic management. Too often, in fact, strategy does not take day-to-day operations into account.


From planning to implementation, all our projects face and overcome all obstacles to guarantee you a 5:1 ROI.

Our strategies are always accompanied by step-by-step processes drafted with the organizational uniqueness of your organization in mind.

Throughout, we support both top and middle managers with individual coaching, focused trainings, and interim assessments.

The team is trained on the importance, consequentiality and interpretation of key KPIs: only by measuring do we improve, and it is essential that each person is the controller of himself, even before others.

We implement measurement methodologies (Balanced Score Cards) for each stakeholder’s performance and management protocols to coordinate meetings and reporting so that it is effective, focused only on what matters, and understandable to all stakeholders.


Learn the stories of those who have already relied on us and how we have led dozens of organizations from planning to implementation.

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