Our e-learning platform is an invaluable resource that meets both training and real operations manual needs.

Transferring and retaining knowledge, as well as having reference points for re-training, is a key aspect that is, often, underestimated by organizations. The consequences can vary, from inefficiencies to difficulties in retaining and growing talent.

At the same time, training programs can be expensive and operationally complex to implement.

With Stratega’s on-demand e-learning, all problems are solved.

Main features of our platform:

We have created a wide range of educational materials, including interactive videos, explanatory PDFs, and a recommended reading list. This variety allows for dynamic and engaging learning, adapting to your preferred learning style.

You can access the platform at any time and from any device. There are no time or place limits, so you can study at your own convenience and pace.

We recognize that each individual has different learning needs. Therefore, our platform allows you to choose the topics that interest you and focus on the aspects that you feel are most relevant to your business role.

If you have questions or require further clarification, our expert team is available to provide support via chat or email.

We encourage every company to consider our platform as an investment in the development and well-being of its employees. A well-trained and prepared team results in increased productivity and business efficiency.



Organizational and management method for continuous improvement.

Autonomous Maintenance

Improve the performance of your plant sustainably and consistently.

Early Management

One of the pillars of TPM that allows products or processes to be launched in a short time and with little cost.

Education & Training

Create a culture of engagement in which the entire team contributes to process improvement.

Environment, Health and Safety

To be recognized as a leader for processes that do not harm people and the environment.

Focused Improvement

Includes all activities that maximize the overall effectiveness of equipment, processes and teams.

Quality Maintenance

Reduce or eliminate production defects, improve process reliability and accuracy, and ensure quality standards.

Strategic Planning

Ensure that any implementation is aligned with business objectives and is a systematic and well-planned process.

TPM in Administrative Depts

Improve the efficiency, quality, and reliability of administrative operations by reducing waste, errors, and downtime.

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