Case History

Asset Care Program: how we helped a growing FMCG company reduce maintenance costs

Through our Asset Care program and our work with the team, the company was able to improve line availability, OEE and OTIF of products, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure profit. Our work has also created a culture of failure prevention and enabled them to better manage plants, ensuring customer satisfaction and company growth.

Case History

E-learning for TPM: how Stratega helped a leading Food & Beverage company implement a successful TPM program

Stratega has helped implement a successful TPM program, customizing the approach based on the specific particularities and challenges of their organization. The turning point of the project was to complement the training material, which in itself was very comprehensive, with an on-demand coaching activity. Thanks to this, the result was a 20:1 ROI in just 9 months, with a target audience of 1750 people.

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