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​Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The fundamental objective of the Six Sigma is to improve the performance of manufacturing, service or administrative processes by eliminating and/or reducing variations in the outcome of those processes. The Six Sigma accomplishes this objective by identifying, quantifying and eliminating the sources of that variation. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt training and certification workshop provides attendees with a deeper understanding of the Six Sigma methodology to support Green and Black Belts in performing the Six Sigma projects effectively and efficiently.

Recommended Audience:

Facilitated by the Certified Lean, the Six Sigma Black Belt and the Certified Management Consultant, this workshop is recommended for Senior Executives, Managers, Project Champions or Project Sponsors.


  • Lectures, video presentation, group activities, discussions, questions and answers.
  • Simulation exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the value of the Six Sigma toolkit.
  • To learn how to identify improvement projects in the Define phase.
  • To understand how to measure processes and products in the Measure phase.
  • To understand the measurement systems of the process capability.
  • To be able to define efficient operating levels for inputs and outputs in the Control phase and to make the Process Control Plans.
  • To understand the Statistical Process Control (SPC) as a tool in the Control phase.
  • To understand the concept of Six Sigma projects to an appropriate depth and be able to lead it.


  • Build deeper DMAIC problem solving capabilities with the focus on all the five areas (Define, Measure, Analyse, Implement and Control).
  • Prepare future Project Leaders for the further Six Sigma implementation.
  • Develop a project that leverages the whole knowledge and techniques learned.
  • Receive follow up and coaching during the development of the project.


5 days

Award of Certificate:

Stratega Consulting Ltd is to issue the Certificate of Completion to participants who will have scored at least 85% at the theoretical multiple-choice test and completed the project successfully.

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