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​Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence can be defined as having the entire commercial system of an organisation work toward the common set of goals and objectives. In order to substantially improve the top-line growth, organisations need to establish the optimum organisational conditions that will produce the Commercial Excellence. The essence of the Commercial Excellence is to engage in customer relations combined with optimisation of sales, services and marketing activities. This has the potential of leading to sustainable competitive advantages as customer relationships cannot be copied by competitors. The Commercial Excellence training course is focused on teaching the basic approaches to the Continuous Improvement of products and services, supported by increased organisational integration of the financial, sales and marketing functions.

Recommended Audience:

Facilitated by our Certified Management Consultant, this workshop is recommended for Senior Executives, Sales & Marketing Managers, Business Development Managers, Quality & Continuous Improvement Managers, and Customer Service Managers.


  • Lectures, video presentation, group activities, discussions, questions and answers.
  • Simulation exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the Commercial Excellence model.
  • To familiarise with the road map of the Commercial Excellence programme.
  • To get an overview of the Commercial Excellence tools.
  • To understand the key leadership issues related to the introduction of the Commercial Excellence programme.
  • To learn Sales, Marketing and Financial Management Improvement techniques.
  • To define the winning Sales KPIs and targets.
  • To learn how to build a successful Sales & Marketing strategy.
  • To learn how to align Sales and Marketing teams towards the common goal.
  • To understand customer relations management.
  • To learn about the quality control and improvement of products and services.


  • Build harmonised Sales, Marketing and Financial management.
  • Understand how to identify the Marketing strategy, optimised to the current needs of the company.
  • Define clear structure and responsibilities of the Sales team, enabling the follow up of performance and results.
  • Understand the approaches and techniques to successful Customer Relations Management.
  • Prepare the future Project Leaders for the implementation of the Commercial Excellence programme.


3 days

Award of Certificate:

Stratega Consulting Ltd. is to issue the Certificate of Attendance to participants who will have attended at least 85% of the workshop.

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