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Recognition Programmes

Recognition Programmes

What differentiates world’s top companies is a proud title of best employers. In addition, in the struggle for the best performance and business indicators, companies constantly emphasise the importance of human capital, the stability of existing talents and attraction of new ones as a key component of their success.

That is why companies use aligned measures and incentives to keep people pointed toward growth.

In common practice, the organisations translate their strategic goals and metrics into performance objectives for individual managers and employees. Then they hold these managers and employees accountable for delivering on their objectives. However, if performance management is mostly about “stick”, the Recognition programmes are definitely the “carrot”, and it is they that help to build the winning culture through employees’ engagement and strong sense of ownership.

  • We give you the best effect proven options for Recognition programmes.
  • We help to design, implement and improve the Recognition programmes and schemes in organisation.
  • We develop the integrated approaches to align the KPIs and Performance review with the Recognition programmes.
  • We collaborate with you to support the Continuous Improvement journey and development of the sense of ownership in company employees.
  • Tailored compensation system to mark the performance that advance the organisation's goals and drive decision effectiveness.
  • Reliable system to help to maintain human capital and ensure the stability of the employee turnover.

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