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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Organisations need to actively search and gather information about the customer feedback, understanding current and future customer needs and wants, and what they are pleased and not pleased with. This can be done using both quantitative and qualitative survey methods. Organisations need to ensure that the customer survey methodology includes actionable insights, with programmes details specific enough to drive behavior. It is considered that the brand promise and customer experience are key drivers of the winning value proposition. Organisation need to understand that not all value propositions work with all clients. Organisations may benefit from creating several specific structures in order to identify which combination works best for the customer. It also needs to focus on the brand experience that the organisation wants to project. It is advisable that these structures be tested with current and potential customers before the final implementation.

Successful companies have twice the level of customer advocacy as their competitors.

  • We analyse the current Customer Service processes based on the Commercial Excellence℠ approach.
  • We run a competitive analysis thus understanding other programmes that are in the competitive set and the value that competitors provide to customers.
  • We suggest improvements and help to implement them by developing the metrics and control systems for customer loyalty. 
  • We train and coach your team to increase the performance of your Customer service.
  • Improved Customer Service organisation.
  • Metrics and tools to measure and assure the health of customer relations over time.
  • The foundation to set up or improve Sales and Marketing KPIs.
  • Key touch-points in the customer experience to recover from service failures and provide outstanding support.

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