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Corrective Actions and Continuous Improvement

Corrective Actions and Continuous Improvement

Building an effective Continuous Improvement culture is not just about executing a handful of process improvement projects: it is an exciting journey. Every day organisations strive for Excellence, encouraging their people to change paradigms and think out of the box.

The corrective actions in response to the problems implemented in a timely manner help these transformational changes take place.  The effects of a changing work environment on Continuous Improvement is fantastic and we pride ourselves on having experienced this with our clients.

  • When it comes to corrective actions and Continuous Improvement, we apply the integrated approach based on ISO 9000 requirements leveraging on Six Sigma.
  • We help to design, implement and follow the control of non-conformities system.
  • We conduct train the trainer sessions to grow the Quality & Continuous Improvement champions in the client organisation.
  • We collaborate with the customer to build the strong Continuous Improvement movement to shift the “it is not possible” into “can do” attitude.
  • The system to identify, report and follow up the non-conformities with a possibility to assign the corrective actions and remedial plans.
  • The loss prevention teams, fully equipped for Continuous Improvement journey.
  • Clearly identified leaders to comprise the foundation for cultural transformations.

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