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Training and Competence ℠

Training and Competence ℠

Many companies work to focus only on methods and tool kits; however, the main value of a production system is in developing people who can identify and solve problems, and make daily improvements, taking into account that lack of skills and of communication causes up to 50% of losses. We work with our clients in order to develop the best-fitting talent management solutions to bring not only immediate impact, but also the longer-term capabilities that will ensure the sustainable growth of an organisation.

  • We help to identify the level of knowledge, technology, skill, and competence people need to fulfil and progress in each type of task, specialisation, or position by developing the Skill Matrix™, a digital solution, which joins with eLearning training modules to support the process.
  • We promote two basic approaches to training, which are on-the-job training (OJT) and self-development.
  • We help to set up the system to improve the abilities of individuals and to increase people's zest for life and pride in their work.
  • We support the off-the-job training and activities to ensure training efficiency.
  • We deliver training modules to build capabilities according to the Skill Matrix™.
  • We foster an environment that allows self-development and attainment of long-term development plans.
  • Strong system for people training and development.
  • Reliable metrics for performance appraisal.
  • Foundations to build a learning organisation.

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95, Wilton Road Suite 717, Victoria SW1V 1BZ London, United Kingdom
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