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Standards and Guidelines

Standards and Guidelines

The long-term business success of any company depends on their ability to continually improve the quality of services and products they provide. Emphasis must be placed on ensuring the systems in place to support the business growth.

However, a company cannot just have a vision or a written procedure. What is more important, they have to actually make it work.

This means communicating the process to the people who create, edit and use the documented information. Making changes to ‘the usual way of doing things’ is never easy, and a company needs to follow up initial training with reminders and spot checks or mini-audits to ensure that ‘the new way’ becomes ‘their way’.

  • We put in place and help to set up the system for constantly enhancing standards, and processes to support Continuous Improvement across the business.
  • We provide facilitation of group sessions at the Standards and Guidelines development phase.
  • We provide training and coaching for people who need to meet those standards and follow those processes.
  • We equip managers with the tools and techniques they need to support their teams in complying with all Standards and Guidelines.
  • The documented workflow for a chosen department or entire organisation.
  • Compliance with ISO 9001 requirement to Information Management.
  • User-friendly guidelines and process flow charts to support business activities.
  • Trained document controllers in each department or organisation to sustain the document control system.

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