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Industrial Risk Control and Business Continuity

Industrial Risk Control and Business Continuity

Understanding and managing risk is more demanding today than ever before. Today, in order to be dynamic and successful, companies must identify, analyse, evaluate, and treat loss exposures as well as to monitor risk control and financial resources to mitigate the adverse effects of loss.

To ensure the business continuity, the risk control and risk mitigation aspects must be a core part of the strategy, operations and culture of a company.

Any event that could negatively affect operations is included in the Business Continuity Plan, the task of which is to protect the company’s physical assets against hazards, and to help to maintain the continuity of operations from potentially disastrous consequences of such hazards.

  • We perform the Vulnerability and Business Impact Analysis and develop the Business Continuity Plans.
  • We provide full-scale services to support the Business Continuity Plan implementation.
  • We train and coach the leaders to control, prevent and mitigate the major identified risks.
  • We help to facilitate the Continuous Improvement events.
  • We conduct on-site trainings for personnel and drills to ensure our client’s employees respond to the risks in a safe manner.
  • Assessment of the risks and their impact to business.
  • Business Continuity Plan with the emergency response algorithm.
  • Key people trained to ensure the implementation of the programmes for risk prevention and mitigation.

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