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Behavioural Based Safety ℠

Behavioural Based Safety ℠

Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) is a process that creates a safety partnership between management and employees. It continually focuses people's attentions and actions on theirs, and others, daily safety behavior. In a safety management system based upon the hierarchy of hazard control, BBS may be applied to internalise hazard avoidance strategies or administrative controls (including use of PPE), but should not be used in preference to the implementation of reasonably practicable safety measures further up the hierarchy.

A behavior-based safety approach promotes interventions that are people-focused and often incorporate one-to-one or group observations of employees performing routine work tasks, setting goals carefully and giving timely feedback on safety-related behavior, coaching and mentoring. The initiatives have a proactive focus, encouraging individuals and their work groups to consider the potential for incidents/accidents involvement and to assess their own behavior as safe or unsafe always, no matter what.

To be successful a BBS programmes must include all employees, from the CEO to the front-line workers including contractors and sub-contractors.

We provide a solid 6 months programmes that includes the following stages:

  • Month 1. Equipping the design team.
  • Month 2. Developing the checklists for targeted behaviors. Approving goals and KPI.
  • Month 3. Finalising checklists. Designing the electronic database.
  • Month 4. Training of employees, launching the programmes across the client organisation.
  • Month 5.  Making use of data.
  • Month 6. Setting the improvement goals. Preparing for standardising the programmes for all client’s locations.
  • Reduced number of unsafe acts, and developed customised methodology of implementation of the BBS programmes.
  • The programmes ready to be implemented in other clients’ locations.
  • The ultimate goal of the safety initiative is the development of a culture of safety.

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