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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping

Many companies pursuing “Lean” conversions have realised that improvement events alone are not enough since they create localised improvements for those particular companies. However, VSM increases the gains by providing vision and plans that connect all improvement activities, and creates a common language by tying together main Lean concepts and methods.

Value Stream Mapping is a Lean management technique for analysing and improving the flow of information or inventory through a complete operations process up to a delivery to a customer. It should also be mentioned that VSM is actually a Lean tool that allows you to see the wastes, and plan to eliminate or reduce them.

To achieve this, it is suggested to develop and analyse a current state map, Lean value streams and future state map that will be covered in detail later on.

We build the future by enabling organisations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness via process streamlining and complexity reduction, reduction of non-value adding activities and increase of process speed.

  • We provide support to develop Value Stream Mapping, to analyse your organisation’s process in detail, to highlight areas for radical improvement.
  • We help to identify Value Adding, Semi-Value Adding and Not-Value Adding Activities in the process.
  • We help identify process gaps and put in place the right Key Performance Indictors and challenge business targets.
  • Detailed mapping is developed, involving various steps, and focus on both material and information flow.
  • Wastes are identified between and within the process to optimise the business processes.
  • Wastes and losses are eliminated and VSM future state with improvement actions is defined.

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