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MS Audits ℠

MS Audits ℠

Management System Audit is a visit to facilities, performed by external auditors. We provide auditing services in order to analyse the current situation of Continuous Improvement activities in the facility, to identify the possible gaps between the defined standards or targets and the real results and to define the actions to eliminate the gaps.

  • We perform a Manufacturing Excellence Audit to examine the current situation and identify the gaps.
  • We carry out a Supply Chain Excellence Audit to analyse the current situation in order to reduce operational costs and provide the company competitive advantages in the market.
  • We perform a Business Process Excellence Audit to analyse the process effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Recommendations to increase organisation’s productivity growth and respond quickly to changing customer demands.
  • Guidance to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations and to help management in achieving the projected business goals.
  • Recommendations to design and improve the business processes for consistent delivery with minimum variation and minimum waste.

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