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What is e-Learning?

e-Learning is now the fastest growing teaching and learning strategy.

Did you know that almost everyone who uses a computer has completed some type of e-Learning? Perhaps it was called web-based training, or online learning, or computer-based training, but it’s all under the same e-Learning umbrella. e-Learning can encompass a wide variety of online initiatives.

A good, broad way to think about e-Learning is as the use of electronic devices (computers, tablets, or phones) to deliver educational or training content to learners.

Where we are with e-Learning?

We have developed content in the total productive maintenance (TPM) field. In this case content is a set of training materials (eBooks, tests, videos).

Why we are developing e-Learning?

e-Learning is one of the instruments to achieve our mission: To lead our client’ organisations into the new way of running business where competitiveness and substantial, lasting gains will be increased all along their value chains.

We help our clients to be learning organisations. This means that they can generate and act on new knowledge. The ability to do this enables our clients to stay ahead of change and the competition.
e-Learning offers many more benefits than more traditional training options.

  • It can be either an asynchronous or a synchronous activity: Traditionally, e-Learning has been asynchronous, which means there is no predetermined time for the learning to take place. Everyone can go at their own pace, and take their time to learn what they need to know, when they need to know it. However, more synchronous e-Learning is now being offered through web conferencing and chat options. The great thing about e-Learning is that it gives you the option to do one, or both.
  • It has a global reach: e-Learning can simply be placed online and easily accessed by people around the world. There is no need for expensive travel or meetings across multiple time zones.
  • It spans multiple devices/mobile: Online courses can work on computers as well as on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This means e-Learning courses can literally be in the hands of the people who need them, always.
  • It is just-in-time/need-based: e-Learning authoring software is so easy to use that anyone can create, publish, and share a course within a few hours, allowing you to provide people with resources and training they can access right when they need it.
  • It is more efficient: With e-Learning, you can develop a course that can be distributed electronically to thousands instead of having to organise in-person training sessions whenever people need to be brought up to speed.
  • It reduces costs: All the above-mentioned factors result in a cost savings for organisations that use e-Learning courses to replace some of their traditional instructor-led training.
  • It allows for consistent quality and content: When you develop an e-Learning course, you can deliver the same message to all learners consistently. In classroom training, the message, equipment, and other conditions can vary widely from one session to the next, which can affect the outcome of the course.

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