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​Saint-Gobain Weber: Strategic Planning Development Support at Country Level – Brazil & Argentina

Saint-Gobain Weber (SGW), the world's leading industrial mortar manufacturer, offers a complete range of solutions developed using advanced formulation technology to meet the highest technical requirements.

The Customer was interested in introducing the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Programme at its key plants in the operations of Brazil and Argentina to boost their transformation cost optimization and achieve the WCM Bronze Award.

Hence the Customer commissioned Stratega the support to the implementation of the Policy Deployment at country level for both operations in Brazil and Argentina.



Project Scope


The implementation of the Policy Deployment was carried out according to a customized Saint-Gobain Weber version of the Policy Deployment programme and implied the following phases:

  • Policy Development
  • Policy Deployment
  • Policy Management

Within each phase, we carried out:

  • Consulting activities aimed at developing the strategy and incorporating the WCM programme into it.
  • Training and Coaching of the Senior Managers on the Policy Deployment concepts and tools.
  • Support to the implementation of each activity within the Policy Deployment phases.
  • Auditing of the process.


  • A clear Policy Deployment with the mechanisms for its implementation by engaging all team leaders and members identified.
  • Existing company strategies reviewed in alignment with the WCM programme plan and integrated into the new Policy Deployment.
  • An established Performance Control System for visual management of KPIs and activities at all levels.
  • A WCM programme intertwined with the local business strategy and objectives.



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