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Manufacturing Excellence Programme

At its core, companies struggle to beat the competition and operate most cost-effectively and to maximise the value of their capital investments.

We help to optimise the manufacturing process by means of prioritising the production problems solving based on Loss and Cost analysis, solving problems at root level and holding the gains to prevent problems from reoccurring.

Our proven success has been demonstrated by hundreds of implemented programmes worldwide. At the heart of our approach to manufacturing Excellence is the TPM Excellence criteria, emphasising proactive and preventative maintenance to maximise the operational efficiency of equipment.

We are driven by desire to help our clients to maintain and improve the integrity of their production and quality systems through equipment, processes and employees that add business value to an organisation.

What we do:

  • We provide support during the Strategic Planning activities that are aimed to establish strategic goals and KPIs and set up the visual management in clients’ organisations.
  • We help to identify the major losses in the manufacturing lifecycle with maximum impact on plant performances as well as revealing the potential savings.
  • We help to set up visual dashboards and asset analytics to provide critical indicators impacting performance.
  • We are always ready to assist with the establishment of the foundations for manufacturing Excellence expansion by training and coaching the production employees on the TPM principles and practical applications of the tools and techniques.
  • We are facilitating maintenance and production teams on the elimination of the major equipment losses by enhancing their knowledge and commitment, underlining their higher role and responsibilities, so they can detect problems with equipment and procedures for their improvement.

What are the deliverables?

  • The existing Strategic Planning of the client organisation is reviewed and the breakthrough objectives are defined.
  • The performance control system for visual management of KPIs and activities at all levels is established.
  • Major losses with maximum impact on plant performances as well as potential savings are identified.
  • Progress boards are posted in the defined production lines and show visually the new mechanism for exchanging information.
  • Performance Control Systems and Daily Control System in the defined production lines are set up and visual.
  • With the implementation of 5 Steps (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain) the defined production lines become an orderly environment – an environment where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.
  • The Implementation team and production personnel in defined production lines received the training support on Problem solving techniques to be applied in their daily activities.

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