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Commercial Excellence Programme

In order to maintain continuous growth, organisations need to be able to develop their business model and their organisation to improve their competitive advantage. The successful growth strategy is not just about making assessments; it requires creativity to develop new approach and a fresh look at the business process and performance. Therefore, it is natural for organisations to strive for Commercial Excellence.
We draw an integrated strategy reflecting the stages of the customer's buying journey through the sales pipeline.

What we do:

  • We provide a tailored programme based on the winning combination of Sales, Marketing and Financial management improvement, so that the entire commercial system of an organisation will be working toward a common set of goals and objectives.
  • We give an independent outlook to the company Sales & Marketing Strategy, thus to ensure a superior performance through market differentiation, which in turn leads to sustainable competitive advantages.
  • We assist with research and development of the Marketing Strategy and its alignment with the company Strategic goals and objectives.
  • We help you to improve the Marketing budget by identifying the most cost effective marketing approach that is the best one for your organisation.
  • We develop training programmes and train your Sales team on the Commercial Excellence approach, to make sure they act ensemble.
  • We support the assessment of your Commercial Excellence programme effectiveness and identify the further improvements.

What are the deliverables?

  • Harmonised Sales, Marketing and Financial management.
  • Fact-based Marketing strategy, optimised to the current needs of the company.
  • Clear structure and responsibilities of the Sales team, enabling the follow up of the performance and results.
  • Improved approach to Customer relations management.
  • Fact based organisational system to substantially improve top line growth.

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