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about us

Stratega Consulting is a management consulting firm connecting strategy and actions to successful business change.

We believe Excellence is not an ideal state but a real-life condition we can achieve, together.

At the heart of our vision, there is a belief that Excellence, be it in Operations or in Sales and Marketing, is within our grasp if we are committed, passionate and disciplined. 

If we stick to our pursuit of Excellence, we can reach it. In fact, we will be able to create our own individual definitions of “Excellence” and then achieve it! 

Once deployed at your business sites, our approach will drive a comprehensive change of your organisation to unleash its potential for Performance Excellence.

Your business is going to achieve distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements and, thus, profitable financial growth.


Our key points:

  • International experts: our team is made of Continuous Improvement professionals coming from different business sectors.
  • Internal capabilities: our aim is to develop your own internal experts to secure sustainable, lasting results.
  • Integrated Management System (IMS): the winning approach based on the combination of our strategic view and pragmatic style.



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what we do

Is an outlook into a company strategy and operations; it aims to improve the overall company vision and to lead beyond the limits of traditional business models.
We share our generated experience with our clients, to help them develop a motivated and dynamic team and to entrench in the organisation skills to eliminate wastes and non-value added activities.
We design programmes, leveraging on Lean, Six Sigma tools and techniques, to help a client company to create the business environment where each employee clearly understands, practices and embodies the vision, mission and values of the company.
Our approach is a winning mix of professional expertise, fact-based criteria and organisational sensitivity that inspires our clients to pursue growth and excellence with renewed energy.


We provide in-house training courses and public workshops that address critical business issues and focus on enabling clients in improving their business performance.



We guide our clients to unleash their company potential and discover greatest opportunities for sustainable and profitable financial growth.



We provide programmes, exclusively tailored for our clients’ needs, to cover the most critical areas of your enterprise.



We support the journey to Excellence by offering the digital products.


Training Materials

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Zhemis Consulting Ltd 23 Dromos, C4 Episkopi, 4620, Limassol Cyprus

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